Teacher Bob!

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Chapter 16

“It’s all a photo opportunity.” During the two weeks before I kicked off my new career as a paid teacher at the YMCA, I received… Read More »Chapter 16

Chapter 15

It’s fun to teach at the Y-M-C-A! I’m standing outside 7-11 drinking a bottle of red soda with a straw. I don’t really care for… Read More »Chapter 15

Chapter 12

Classmates Let me introduce you to some of my other classmates in the CELTA program. Even though the class itself will only last four weeks,… Read More »Chapter 12

Chapter 9

What the f*ck is a “modal”? “Ding dong! Hello, welcome!” “Ding dong! Hello, welcome!” The motion-activated door chime at the 7-11 is beginning to get… Read More »Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Reflections in the air China Eastern Airlines is no Cathay Pacific. As we reached cruising altitude, I began to notice the differences between my previous… Read More »Chapter 8