Chapter 9

What the f*ck is a “modal”? “Ding dong! Hello, welcome!” “Ding dong! Hello, welcome!” The motion-activated door chime at the 7-11 is beginning to get… Read More »Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Reflections in the air China Eastern Airlines is no Cathay Pacific. As we reached cruising altitude, I began to notice the differences between my previous… Read More »Chapter 8

Chapter 7

Leaving home My last day at work was a little bittersweet. I had been employed at GNR Machining Works for nine years, the longest single… Read More »Chapter 7

Chapter 5

The Karmic Dumpster With the exception of a short stint in the ritzier River North neighborhood of Chicago, I lived in the same apartment building… Read More »Chapter 5

Chapter 3

Yes, I can! It’s February 2018. I’m operating a projector to show my classes the video of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch that happened… Read More »Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Losing my religion I always had questions about the doctrines we were taught, but mostly kept these to myself. But those questions kept niggling at… Read More »Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Do all stories start at the beginning? I’ll introduce myself as quickly as possible. I find this may be necessary as my background… Read More »Chapter 1