Dead Poets Society

November 5, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

Today I began taking pictures of my belongings and throwing them up for sale on Craigslist. I came across a folding file with some of my older writings inside. I thought I’d share a couple of poems that I wrote several years ago, back when I was inspired to write poetry. Hope you enjoy.

The Lighthouse

Above the waters tall she stands

The great lady guiding me

Though beaten by the surf and sands

Unmovable and firm is she

Face to the wind, she does not stoop

Nor cower when fierce storms rage

She protected lives of countless men

Steering vessels in another age

If not for her constant light

That bright beacon from her lens

The world may have had fewer ships

The sailor fewer friends


At times when I am treading gingerly

The darkened alleys my mind has created

I gaze at her while she is sleeping

So peaceful, so trusting, so dependent

At this mountainous task I often shudder

This huge responsibility that is mine alone

Though not a journey that I sought

Despite feeling inadequate, I dare not fail

Her smile inspires me to find my inner strength

Her innocence, to pray for wisdom to guide my steps

For if I am successful upon this path

An angel to this world will be my gift

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