Not Worth a Title

October 6, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

It’s been a few days since I published my last post. I’ve had a busy week. Two of my nights have revolved around food. The first was an annual restaurant crawl put on by one of the upscale neighborhoods in Chicago. I try to attend every year that I am able to. It’s always fun, the food and drink are always plentiful, and it’s always on a Tuesday because that’s usually a slow night for the restaurants. The problem is getting up on Wednesday after going to bed on an over-filled stomach and a shit-load of alcohol in your bloodstream. The second was a mealshare (I’ll explain those later) at a home where the German hostess tries to stuff you like a goose in a foie gras mill. I’m not complaining too loudly, because the food was amazing. At any rate, I was eating instead of writing.

Tomorrow I am heading to Nashville, Tennessee for the very first time. I have a friend there who has invited me over and over to come visit, so my roommate and I will be heading to the Country Music Capitol of the World. I’m not the biggest fan of country music, but that’s no reason not to go. I’m sure to find some other things of interest. Perhaps I will be inspired to write about something I see or experience.

So this has simply been an exercise in trying to be somewhat consistent in writing. It’s late, because I was busy earlier with chores and packing, and then I had a phone call with a dear friend. Actually, before I started my chores, I laid down to rest for a minute and ended up spending a little over an hour watching the pilot episode of  Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” for the 8th or 9th time. I still love that show, and I’m still really pissed at Fox Broadcasting for cancelling it before it even finished Season One. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend that you spend some rainy days on Netflix watching the 14 episodes that were made, then following it up with the motion picture, “Serenity”, which at least gave some closure to the story arc. Then please let me know if you aren’t pissed at Fox, too.

I’m not even certain that I should post this, as it doesn’t inspire me as a reader.  Maybe I’ll wait to toss it in with the next post. Or maybe not.

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